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President Franklin Roosevelt1882--Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, is born in New Hyde Park, New York.

1948--Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule, is assassinated by a Hindu extremist.

1961--The Beatles perform at Lathom Hall, Seaforth, Liverpool, receiving a fee of £8.5 ($11.90).

1962--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club -- a lunchtime show.

1963--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club -- a lunchtime show.

The Beatles single, Please Please Me on VJ Records. This is the version that American fans had in early 1964.1964--US release of The Beatles' single Please Please Me / From Me to You (VeeJay). Previously issued on February 25, 1963 (Please Please Me) and May 27, 1963 (From Me to You). 13 weeks on Billboard chart; highest position #3.

1964--The Beatles perform two shows at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, France.

1967--The Beatles go to Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, for the first day of filming for the Strawberry Fields Forever promotional video. Subafilms, a Beatles film company, sponsors the film, which is produced by Tony Bramwell. The director is Peter Goldmann, who had been recommended to The Beatles by their old Hamburg friend, Klaus Voorman, who was himself at that time playing bass with Manfred Mann. Strawberry Fields Forever is shot in color, for the benefit of the US market, since UK television is still broadcasting only in black and white. This day's shooting takes place near the end of the day, around a dead oak tree behind the Birdhouse. The film is as innovative as the music, expressing the mood and 'the feel' of the music instead of acting out a preconceived storyline. It is at this time that John Lennon buys the 19th-century circus poster from a local antique shop which later inspires the lyrics to Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite.

John Lennon plays his guitar during the Beatles' historic rooftop concert on January 30, 1969.1969--The Beatles perform their legendary "rooftop concert" atop Apple Studios, 3 Savile Row, London. They play for about 42 minutes, about half of which is included in the movie "Let It Be." The police arrive, after neighbors complain, and they bring The Beatles' final live performance to a close. The Beatles perform Get Back three times (twice to open the performance and a third time to close it). An edit of the first two Get Back versions is seen in the movie, along with Paul and John's ad-libs at the end of the third: Paul sings, "You've been playing on the roofs again, and you know your Momma doesn't like it, she's gonna have you arrested"; after the song's close, John quips, "I'd like to say 'thank you' on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition!" The Beatles also perform Don't Let Me Down, I've Got a Feeling, One After 909, Dig a Pony, a second I've Got a Feeling, and a second Don't Let Me Down. The "Let It Be" movie includes the following 'rooftop' songs: Don't Let Me Down, I've Got a Feeling, One After 909, Dig A Pony, and Get Back. The third take of Get Back is included on The Beatles Anthology 3 (Disc two, Track 12).

1971--George Harrison's single My Sweet Lord reaches #1 in the UK singles charts. His LP All Things Must Pass reaches #1 in the UK album charts. George is the first Beatle to have a solo number one recording.

Magical Mystery Tour1981--US re-release of The Beatles' LP, Magical Mystery Tour (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab / Capitol). Half-speed master recording.

1989--US and UK re-release of the John Lennon / Yoko Ono CD and LP Double Fantasy (Capitol / EMI). Originally released on the Geffen label.

1996--In Liverpool, Paul McCartney hosts the official press launch for LIPA (Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts), alongside LIPA’s chief executive Mark Featherstone-Witty and George Martin. Paul jokes: “I haven’t got a speech, you’re probably glad to know!” Guests include Paul and Linda’s son, James, Mike McCartney, Gerry Marsden, and Neil Aspinall. Linda McCartney is conspicuous by her absence.

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