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Bob Marley, the king of Reggae.1918--Britain grants women age 30 and over the right to vote.

1945--Reggae star Bob Marley is born in St. Ann's, Jamaica, the son of a British Army captain and a Jamaican.

A young George Harrison is photographed with an equally young John Lennon in Liverpool, England.1958--The Quarry Men (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton, and perhaps John "Duff" Lowe) perform at Wilson Hall, Garston, Liverpool. Although the memories of the participants differ greatly as to when George Harrison met The Quarry Men for the first time, it is generally accepted that February 6 is the most plausible date. George was never officially asked to become a member of The Quarry Men, but he worked his way into the group by persistently sitting in during rehearsals and filling in when one of The Quarry Men was unable to perform. It wasn't a lack of talent that kept George from receiving an inviation to join the group, it was his age: John Lennon saw George as a young kid who followed he and his girlfriend, Cynthia, around Liverpool...not as an equal or potential partner.

The Beatles, all cleaned up in their nice, new suits, perform on the Helen Shapiro Tour.1961--The Beatles perform at Lathom Hall, Seaforth, Liverpool.

1963--On the Helen Shapiro tour, The Beatles perform at the Granada Cinema, Bedford, Bedfordshire.

1964--Tickets to The Beatles' first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" sell out (the tickets are free, but all of them are claimed).

Ringo Starr during his appearance on the UK show, Cilla, with series star, Cilla Black.1968--Ringo Starr appears live on the BBC1 program "Cilla," hosted by Cilla Black. Black was a personal friend of The Beatles, having benefited, like them, from being managed by Brian Epstein. Epstein, before his death the previous August, had made arrangements for this television series. The theme song, Step Inside Love, was a song that Paul McCartney had written specifically for Cilla. On the program, Ringo shows himself to be an all-round entertainer, not just a rock and roll drummer. He sings, acts in comedy routines, and even does a bit of tap dancing. Meanwhile, The Beatles are in the recording studio (Studio One, EMI Studios, London). With Ringo appearing on the "Cilla" television program, John, Paul and George hold a recording session without him. They finish Lady Madonna and just about complete The Inner Light. But they take time out to watch Ringo on the telly. For Lady Madonna, a four-man saxophone section is brought into the studio to overdub the rooty-toot sax parts. For The Inner Light, George overdubs vocals onto the instrumental track that was recorded in Bombay. A remixed version of the takes that make up the master tape of Lady Madonna is included on The Beatles Anthology 2 (Disc two, Track 19).

1970--UK release of the John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band single. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) / Who Has Seen the Wind? (Apple). The flip side is a Yoko Ono song. 6 weeks on the charts; highest position #5.

1981--George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr get together in the studio to record George's song All Those Years Ago, a tribute to John Lennon. George later said that this was not a Beatles reunion and that "there will be no Beatles reunion as long as John stays dead." [Note: Some sources imply that the three former Beatles did not actually record their parts for this song together, but at different times. With other accounts (see below) of where the individual Beatles were on that day, that scenario seems more likely.]

Chuck Berry is truly an icon of early rock and roll. John Lennon gushed and blurted out "Chuck Berry, my idol!" when first meeting him backstage at the Mike Douglas Show in the early seventies.1981--A New York Post headline reads "Surviving Beatles Plan New Album As Lennon Tribute." In fact, Ringo Starr was in Montserrat working with Paul McCartney on his Tug of War LP. George Harrison was not around. The album, however, did contain McCartney's elegy to his late partner John Lennon, Here Today.

1981--In the UK, BBC Books publishes "The Lennon Tapes," the transcript of John’s conversation with Andy Peebles from December 6, 1980.

1990--Over 200 women filed court actions against Chuck Berry after it was alleged that he had been secretly filming them in the toilets of the restaurant he owned.

Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys1995--For two more days, and a full year since beginning work on Free As A Bird, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr reunite at Paul’s Mill Studios in Sussex, where recordings for Real Love are started. For Jeff Lynne there is an unwelcome technical problem with John’s original demo tape. He recalls: “Not only was there a 60 cycles/min. hum going on, but there was also a terrible amount of hiss, because it had been recorded at a low level. It took about a week to clean the tape up before it was even usable and transferable to a master.” Says Paul: “I don’t quite like it as much as Free As A Bird, because I think that was more powerful. But it’s catchier. It’s a pity that there aren’t more tracks like Free As A Bird, but then again, it’s a pity that John died!” The Beatles Anthology documentary director, Geoff Wonfor, is invited by the three surviving Beatles to tape the Real Love sessions for inclusion in the promotional film clip for the song.

1995--Brian Wilson marries Melinda Ledbetter.

1998--Carl Wilson, member of The Beach Boys, dies of lung cancer at age 51.

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