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Bricks of gold.1794--Eli Whitney patents his cotton gin, making it possible to clean 50 pounds of cotton a day, compared to one pound a day.

1900--US currency goes on the gold standard.

1931--The first theater for rear movie projection is built in New York City.

British actress, Rita Tushingham1933--Actor Michael Caine is born Maurice Micklewhite in London. His breakthrough role in the 1960s classic, “Alfie,” lead to a successful career across the pond, including appearances in “Educating Rita” and his Academy Award-winning performance in Woody Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters” in 1986.

1933--Quincy Jones (Grammy-winning composer, record producer, and arranger) is born.

1942--British actress, Rita Tushingham, is born. She starred in the 1960s cult classics “The Knack...and How to Get It,” “The Girl with Green Eyes,” and "Smashing Time."

1958--The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of American) is created and certifies the first gold record, Perry Como's Catch A Falling Star.
A sign on a Liverpool, England street points to the Cavern Club, where The Beatles played over 230 performances in the early 1960s.
1961--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club -- a lunchtime show.

1962--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club -- a night show.

1963--The Beatles, on the Chris Montez / Tommy Roe tour, perform at the Gaumont Cinema, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. For the third night in a row, John Lennon, still suffering from a bad cold, is unable to perform.

Three Merseysiders: Cilla Black, Gerry Marsden and Julie Samuel.1963--Gerry Marsden is fined £60 at Uxbridge Magistrates court for attempting to evade customs duty on a guitar bought in Hamburg.

1964--I Want to Hold Your Hand is the #1 single in the US for the 7th straight week.

1965--The Beatles undertake the first day of filming the Austrian scenes for their movie "Help!" Shooting of the (unused) "toboggan hire" sequence, the Beatles falling down together in the snow, and their doubles riding in a horse-drawn sleigh.

The Beatles ride a toboggan in the Swiss Alps in a scene from their move, Help!1968--A promotional film for Lady Madonna is broadcast in black and white on UK television, on the BBC1 program "Top of the Pops." The video portion of the film clip was shot while The Beatles were performing the song Hey Bulldog, but the Lady Madonna audio track was paired with the video for the promo release. It won't be until 1999 that the video is broadcast with its original Hey Bulldog soundtrack.

1974--John Lennon and Harry Nilsson return to the Troubadour to personally apologize to the club’s owner, Doug Weston, for the former night’s fracas.

1981--Roxy Music's tribute single to John Lennon, their recording of his song Jealous Guy, is the #1 single in the UK charts.

1981--Eric Clapton has an attack of bleeding ulcers that leads to the cancellation of his 60-date tour of the US.

1986--US cable TV network Showtime broadcasts an evening of John Lennon material for their "The Lennon Legacy: Two Generations of Music." Included is the world premiere of "John Lennon: Live in New York City." Also shown are "Let It Be," clips from John and Yoko's 1969 Montreal Bed-In, and the "Imagine" motion picture.

1988--UK re-release of The Beatles' single Lady Madonna / The Inner Light (Parlophone). 20th anniversary reissue. Released as a regular vinyl single and also as a picture disc.

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