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The cover the George Harrison album, Electronic Sound.1968--While in India, The Beatles hold a jam session with members of The Beach Boys, Donovan, and others. The event is filmed and broadcast at a later date on Italian television.

1969--George Harrison records a synthesizer track called Under the Mersey Wall, the track appearing on his Electronic Sound album (released on Zapple Records).

The cover of Paul McCartney's self-titled first solo LP, McCartney.1970--Paul McCartney secretly begins studio recording for his first solo album. He does not tell the other Beatles or Apple personnel about his activities, and he books studio time at EMI studios personally, using the name "Billy Martin." Paul had begun his recordings at home using a Studer four-track recorder that had been delivered just before Christmas. Paul's secrecy about his solo album undercuts his argument that Allen Klein and the other Beatles were trying to interfere with his solo record when its release date and the Let It Be release date conflicted with one another. To be fair to McCartney, however, one has to wonder if the other Beatles in fact knew nothing about what was going on during this time.

The cover of the George Harrison album, Living in the Material World.1981--US re-release of the George Harrison LPs Living in the Material World and Extra Texture (Read All About It) (both Capitol).

1981--US re-release of the Ringo Starr LPs Sentimental Journey and Goodnight Vienna (both Capitol).

1981--US release of The Beatles' double LP, The Beatles Live at the Star-Club, 1962, Hamburg, Germany (Hall of Music). Yet another re-packaging of the Star-Club tapes, only this time the original 26 songs is cut to 18. Sold by mail order.

1985--During the month of February 1985, the first licenses are granted for the use of several Beatles songs in commercials: Help! is used by Lincoln-Mercury (US); We Can Work it Out is used by Hewlett Packard (UK); and She Loves You is used by Schweppes (Spain). These advertisers all use other artists 'covering' The Beatles songs, since that is cheaper than using The Beatles' original recordings.

1987--US re-release of 20 tracks from The Beatles December 31, 1962 Star-Club performance on CD, The Beatles Live in Hamburg '62 (KTEL).

1989--US re-release of The Beatles' single on three-inch CD, I Want to Hold Your Hand / This Boy (Capitol). This Boy was the B-side on the original UK single, whereas the original US single had on the flip side I Saw Her Standing There. The CD single re-releases were based upon the Parlophone UK versions.

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