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Art deco style art on an early Pan Am Flight Schedule.1702--England's Queen Anne ascends the throne upon the death of King William III.

Actor Aidan Quinn (left) had the task of playing Paul McCartney circa 1975 in the VH1 movie, Two of Us. Actor Jarad Harris (right) played John Lennon.1927--Pan American Airlines incorporates.

1930--Mahatma Gandhi starts civil disobedience in India.

1959--Actor Aidan Quinn is born. He will (much later) play the role of Paul McCartney in the VH1 movie, "Two of Us."

1961--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime. That night they perform twice: at Aintree Institute, Aintree, Liverpool, and at Hambleton Hall, Huyton, Liverpool.

1962--The Beatles perform at the Storyville Jazz Club, Liverpool.

1963--The Beatles perform at The Royal Hall, Harrogate, Yorkshire.

1965--The Beatles in the Bahamas shooting their second movie, "Help!" The day's filming is for additional "temple" scenes.

Picture sleeve for Ringo Starr's big hit, It Don't Come Easy.1968--The Fillmore East opens for business in New York in the East Village.

1970--Ringo Starr in the recording studio (undocumented, but thought to be Trident Studios, London). Recording a re-make of It Don't Come Easy, assisted by George Harrison.
The Goodyear Blimp was a common sight in the 70s and 80s advertising special events and products.
1972--The Goodyear blimp makes its first flight.

1973--Paul McCartney is fined 100 pounds for growing marijuana on his farm in Scotland. He claims that he had planted seeds sent to him by a fan, not knowing what they were. A charge of possession is dropped.

John Lennon's love for his wife, Yoko Ono, come through loud and clear during this photo session which took place in November 1980.1975--Melody Maker publishes an interview with John Lennon that was held with Chris Charlesworth at the Capitol Records offices on 6th Avenue in New York. Before their chat, a buoyant John talks on the phone with no less than 35 different disc jockeys simultaneously across America. He seems happier with his past than any time since 1970. He said, “I’ve lost all that negativity about the past and I’d be happy as Larry to do Help! I’ve just changed completely in two years. I’d do Hey Jude and the whole damn show, and I think George will eventually see that. If he doesn’t, that’s cool. That’s the way he wants to be.” John also announces that he’s back with Yoko Ono. “I’m happy as Larry,” he beams, “and she is...I hope. We’ve known each other for nine years. I met her in 1966. We had a sort of breakdown last year, one way or another, but we called each other often, even when I was going crazy out on the West Coast, and I probably said a lot of barmy things to her, which I’ll regret.”

1976--UK release of The Beatles' single Yesterday / I Should Have Known Better (Parlophone). 6 weeks on the charts; highest position #8.

Elton John (Reginald Dwight) was a good friend of John Lennon. They worked together on several occasions.1979--In one of the first public acknowledgements of the hard times beginning to hit the record industry, Rolling Stone magazine reports that due to the "skyrocketing costs of producing, promoting and supporting a new album, now put at between $350,000 and $500,000," labels will start limiting their new releases.

1982--Elton John’s tribute to John Lennon, Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny), is released.

1983--IBM releases the PC DOS version 2.0 for the personal computer.

1987--John Lennon is posthumously inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Yoko picks up the award.

The Beatles Past Masters Volume One1988--Release of The Beatles compilation CD, Past Masters Vol. I, in the US (Capitol) and the UK (Parlophone). This CD (as does Past Masters Vol. 2) contains songs not included on The Beatles' original UK albums. Songs: Love Me Do (single version), From Me to You, Thank You Girl, She Loves You, I'll Get You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, This Boy, Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand, Sie Liebt Dich, Long Tall Sally, I Call Your Name, Slow Down, Matchbox, I Feel Fine, She's a Woman, Bad Boy, Yes It Is, and I'm Down.
The Beatles Past Masters Volume Two
1988--Release of The Beatles compilation CD, Past Masters Vol. 2, in the US (Capitol) and the UK (Parlophone). This CD (as does Past Masters Vol. I) contains songs not included on The Beatles' original UK albums. Songs: Day Tripper, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, Rain, Lady Madonna, The Inner Light, Hey Jude, Revolution (single version), Get Back (single version), Don't Let Me Down, The Ballad of John and Yoko, Old Brown Shoe, Across the Universe (unSpectorized version), Let It Be (single version), and You Know My Name (Look Up the Number).

1996--Beatles fans in the UK are outraged when BBC Radio 1 refuses to include the new Beatles single, Real Love, on its playlist. The program, which is trying to attract a young audience, feels that the song is "…not what our listeners want to hear." Radio 1 also claims that the song "lacked merit." Fans of The Beatles point out that Real Love is currently #4 in the charts, and that Free As a Bird, which Radio 1 had played, made it to #2 in the charts. Radio 1 remains adamant, impervious to the accusations that they are being "ageist."

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