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An early Beatles pinup from the Beatlemania days.1935--Sonny Bono is born in Detroit, Michigan.

1948--NBC-TV presents the first daily newsreel telecast. The program is called "20th Century Fox Movietone News."

1956--Britain abolishes the death penalty.

1961--The Beatles perform at the Cassanova Club, Liverpool, and at Litherland Town Hall, Liverpool.

1962--The Beatles perform at Technical College Hall in Birkenhead, and at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton, Wallasey.

1963--The Beatles perform at Carfax Assembly Rooms, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

1963--Please Please Me by The Beatles hits #1 on the British pop chart. It is their first #1 hit.

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in Miami, Florida, February 1964.1964--The Beatles' second live appearance on US television, on "The Ed Sullivan Show," exactly one week after the first. Before an audience of 3500 at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, The Beatles perform She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me to You, and I Want to Hold Your Hand. The Beatles were not the headline act, that distinction going to Mitzi Gaynor, but 75 million viewers tuned in, and it’s a sure bet that a bunch of them were only interested in seeing The Beatles. The show was re-broadcast on September 20.

John Lennon in 1965.1965--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Two, EMI Studios, London). I Need You is completed with overdubs of George Harrison's vocal, cowbell, and tone-pedal guitar. Another Girl is completed with the overdubbing of a guitar part. Then, Yes It Is is begun and completed in 14 takes. Take 2 of Yes It Is, with the ending from the master version, is included on The Beatles Anthology 2 (Disc one, Track 2).

1967--The Beatles' promotional videos for Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane are broadcast on UK television, on the BBC program "Top of the Pops." Penny Lane is repeated on February 23 and Strawberry Fields Forever is repeated on March 2. [Note: a 1 min. 10 sec. extract from the Penny Lane film had been shown on the BBC program "Juke Box Jury" on February 11.] The ITV program "As You Like It" broadcasts the Penny Lane video on March 11. Both film clips are first shown in the US on February 25, on the ABC-TV program "Hollywood Palace."

1967--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Three, EMI Studios, London). Recording vocal and bass overdubs for Good Morning Good Morning. The Beatles Anthology 2 includes this day's completed version of the song, before animal sounds, horns, and other additional instruments are overdubbed (Disc two, Track 6).

John Lennon sings Give Peace a Chance at his Bed-In For Peace in Montreal, Canada in 1969.1970--John Lennon and Yoko Ono begin editing the raw footage of their Montreal Bed-In For Peace at a cutting room in London.

Buy John Lennon and Yoko Ono on The Mike Douglas Show1972--On day three of John Lennon and Yoko Ono guest-hosting of the "The Mike Douglas Show," John performs with Chuck Berry, who he introduces as "my hero." They play Memphis and Johnny B. Goode. Yoko sings Sisters O Sisters, accompanied by John on acoustic guitar (he also sings harmony). After they finish, John says, ”Some people thought she was singing about nuns!” The Crippled Inside clip from the "Imagine" film is aired. The Lennons and Chuck Berry take part in a cooking segment, and at one point, John and Chuck share the same apron. Other guests on the show include Joseph Blatchford (the head of Action Corps For Peace) and David Rosenbloom (musician, composer and computer scientist). (This show was taped on February 2, 1972.)

1979--UK release of the George Harrison LP, George Harrison (Dark Horse). Songs: Love Comes to Everyone, Not Guilty, Here Comes the Moon, Soft Hearted Hana, Blow Away, Faster, Dark Sweet Lady, Your Love is Forever, Soft Touch, and If You Believe.

The Tittenhurst Park property which was owned by John Lennon in the late 60s and early 70s. He recorded his Imagine album on the estate and made many films and other recordings while he lived here with second wife, Yoko Ono.1983--Ringo Starr’s £500 ($700) grant towards the repairing of a roof on the stable block and the renovating of statues and ornaments in the gardens of his 79-acre Tittenhurst Park mansion estate, is rejected by the Windsor and Maidenhead District Council.

1987--UK re-release of The Beatles' single Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane (Parlophone). 20th anniversary reissue. Issued as a regular single and also as a picture disc.

1998--Yoko Ono, in a pre-taped 39-minute interview with Sir Jeremy Issacs (that was carried out in New York), appears on the BBC2 program “Face To Face.”

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