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Leonardo da Vinci, the true Renaissance man.1452--Leonardo da Vinci (painter, sculptor, scientist and visionary) is born in Italy.

1912--Titanic sinks at 2:27 a.m. in the North Atlantic.

1923--At New York's Rialto Theatre, Lee De Forest screens a selection of musical shorts demonstrating his sound-on-film process, the first sound films to be shown to a paying audience.

1927--Albert Goldman, reviled biographer of John Lennon and Elvis Presley, is born in Dormont, Pennsylvania.

In the beginning, there was McDonald's. Most Baby Boomers were raised on the best french fries in the world (they were in the 50s and 60s, and are still pretty good today).1929-- Adrian Cadbury, chocolate candy manufacturer, is born.

1944--Rock musician Dave Edmunds is born in Cardiff, Wales.

1952--Franklin National Bank issues the first bank credit card.

1955--Ray Kroc starts the McDonald's chain of fast food restaurants.

1961--The Beatles perform at the Top Ten Club, Reeperbahn, Hamburg, West Germany.

1962--The Beatles perform at the Star-Club, Hamburg, West Germany.

The Beatles are interviewed in London by Ed Sullivan.1963--The Beatles perform at the Riverside Dancing Club, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

1964--Outdoors filming for "A Hard Day's Night." Outside the Scala Theatre in Scala Street, in Tottenham Street, and at Charlotte Mews.

1964--The Beatles have a photo session at the walled garden of Les Ambassadeurs. An interview with Ed Sullivan for his TV show is also conducted there.

Time magazine has been covering major world events and trends throughout the 20th century. The Beatles appeared on its cover many times.1966--The cover story in Time magazine is titled “London: The Swinging City.”

1991--The home video of “Lennon: A Tribute,” videotaped at the Liverpool tribute concert on May 5, 1990, is officially released.

1998--During a holiday at their Arizona ranch, Paul and Linda McCartney go horseback riding together. As things turn out, it will be for the last time.

1999--Mojo magazine publishes poll results naming the greatest pop singer of all time: John Lennon. The top singers in the poll after Lennon are Elvis Presley (#2), Aretha Franklin (#3), Frank Sinatra (#4), Bob Dylan (#5), Roy Orbison (#6), and Paul McCartney (#7).

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